When it comes to choosing the right tools to manage your online business, there is no shortage of options available, they’ve even built websites for comparing the tools available and as with any tool of any trade, get it right, it will save you time and money. However, with all the options that available where do you begin?

This guide shows you the exact tools I use to manage my client’s projects ensuring their goals are met every time so let’s get started.

Landing Pages – Leadpages

In a world of startups, seed rounds and crowdfunding successful ideas can launch overnight whereas an entire website can take weeks or even months to get right. When clients come to with an idea that they need launching fast, Leadpages lets me do exactly that.

Using its intuitive, purpose-built platform to create conversion optimised landing pages with split testing, lead capture forms along as well as a host of other features Leadpages is the no fuss solution for when my clients need a web presence established fast. It bypasses the need for complex coding or custom development while providing them with a clean, professional looking website that can start generating them business until the full website is ready to launch.

Price: $37 – $199 per month (Free for 14 days)
Nature: Landing Pages

Landing Pages – Leadpages

Social Media Scheduling – Buffer

With the average lifespan of a social media post ranging from a few minutes to a couple of hours at best and organic reach decreasing by the day the last thing you want to be investing your time or money on is manually managing your social media profiles.

Buffer provides me with “A better way to share on social media” by allowing me to curate and schedule their content so they can spend less time running their social media and more time running their business. Once all their content has been posted I can then use its advanced analytics to determine which posts were the highest performing, which posts need improvement, optimise then Re-Buffer their content ready to go again.

Price: $0 – $399 per month
Nature: Social Media Scheduling

Social Media Scheduling – Buffer

Scheduling – Calendly

Over the years, I’ve worked with a diverse range of clients spanning the globe. From Dubai to San Francisco, Sydney to London and beyond and of the most difficult things for any business owner or professional is finding the perfect time to schedule meetings that’s suitable without the need for sending countless emails back-and-forth.

Calendly lets my clients choose a time that suits them based on my availability as well as reminds them of their upcoming meeting via email. All they have to do is click on my personalised link, pick a time and Calendly does the rest. Some of my clients love it so much, they’ve started using it themselves.

Price: $0 – $10 per month
Nature: Scheduling Software

Scheduling – Calendly

Remote Meetings – UberConference

When I hold remote meetings with clients, they need to be interactive and collaborative. Whether it’s presenting a proposal, reviewing a marketing strategy, or seeing how their campaign performed last month UberConference allows me to run high-quality online meetings with no fuss.

Providing screen sharing, file sharing as well as well as recording I can be sure I always get the most out of my client meetings. There’s no installation required with sign-up taking less than 30 seconds. They also provide native apps for iOS or Android devices so my clients can take meetings when on the go.

Price: $0 – $10 per month
Nature: Conference Software

Remote Meetings – Uberconference

Email Marketing/Marketing Automation – Drip

Email marketing still ranks as the single most effective way to market your business and Drip allows me to create branded emails together with advanced email campaigns that generate engagement while nurturing their subscribers through the sales journey from website visitor to an informed buyer and brand advocate.

With a host of features that allow for creating detailed workflow while providing advanced subscriber management this makes it a one stop solution for launching email marketing campaigns. What makes this platform even greater is its pricing with a  free starter plan for their first 100 subscribers. It’s like giving them a sales rep that runs 24/7 that won’t them cost a dime.

Price: $0 – $99+ per month
Nature: Email Marketing/Marketing Automation

Email Marketing/Marketing Automation – Drip

List Building – Sumo

With Sumo, I get exactly what the name suggests. A collection of tools that help me grow my clients website as big as a sumo wrestler. With everything from list builders, welcome mats and social sharing buttons this tool allow me to get the most out of my client’s marketing budget without costing them a single penny extra.

It costs nothing to get started and Sumo’s paid plans are based upon website traffic so they get out what their website traffic puts in. It’s a no-brainer, right?

Price: $0 – $248 per month (paid annually)
Nature: Growth Marketing

List Building – Sumo


Performance Dashboards – Dasheroo

When it comes to marketing, the thing that matters most is results. I need to know exactly how my client’s campaigns are performing week on week, month on month so that I can identify which areas need the most attention.

Combining data sources from almost any app or tool on the web (Google Analytics, Facebook, MailerLite, Zarget and more), Dasheroo allows me to create a centralised dashboard that I can then share with my clients allowing them to see how their business is performing 24/7.

Price: $0 – $39 per month
Nature: Business Analytics

Performance Dashboards – Dasheroo

Customer Relationship Management – Freshsales

The most critical part of every businesses success is sales. My clients need to know where their customers are at every stage of the journey and keeping track of this can be difficult. That’s where Freshales comes into play.

Freshsales allows me to create a centralised platform with a complete overview of their business, and sales pipelines to ensure their business is running at maximum capacity with everyone on the same page while integrating with a large variety of apps to ensure data accuracy every time.

Price: $0 – $79 per month (per user)
Nature: Customer Relationship Manager

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Freshsales

Workflow Automation – Zapier

We live in a data-driven world and with marketing becoming more targeted through the use of innovative apps wouldn’t it be great if we could tie all of this data together saving hours upon hours of time by not doing it manually? Welcome to the world of Zapier. “Easy automation for busy people.”

Zapier allows me to automate data sharing from around the web, saving my clients time and money week in, week out. Want to add a prospect to your CRM once they complete a specific action on your website? Yep, Zapier does that. Want it to then send that data to your email marketing platform? You guessed it, Zapier to the rescue. Supporting over 750+ apps the sky’s the limit with this little magic maker.

Price: $0 – $20+ per month
Nature: Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation – Zapier

Form Creation – Typeform

Remember those long and boring documents you would have to complete before starting any project with an agency or consultant? Or those uninviting contact forms you see on old school websites that make you fall asleep before you get to the end. Ehhh, I know right!

Typeform makes data collection sexy yet simple again with user-friendly forms that allow me to get the essential information before, during, and after your project. All information is emailed as well as stored for easy reference when I need it most. I also use Typeform for clients who need professional, easy to manage surveys or forms for their website as well.

Price: $0 – $70 per month
Nature: Forms/Surveys

Form Creation – Typeform

Contracts/Invoices – Bonsai

The foundation to any professional working agreement is a clear understanding of the project goals and expectations for both parties. Bonsai solves this by allowing me to create easy to understand legal contracts with automated invoicing to match, ensuring everyone is on the same page, goals are delivered with payments processed on time.

Once both parties have reviewed, agreed to the terms then e-signed the dotted line the corresponding invoice is then sent to the client allowing them to complete payment via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. It’s as easy as that!

Price: $19 – $34 per month
Nature: Contacts/Invoicing


Contracts – Bonsai


And there you have it, a collection of tried and tested tools that I use for managing my client’s projects.

While there is power in knowing how to get the most out of these tools that marketers acquire from working with them day in, day out they require little to no investment to get started so not save your business time and money by giving them a try today?



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